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How's the market?

Wondering how hot a neighborhood is? No tool replaces an agent actively working in our markets, but my automated valuation and buyer trends tool, Homebot, can get a report on the areas you're looking in almost instantly. Simply submit the city or zip code below to get your free report - plus much more!


To get the most accurate value of a home or if you'd like a more in depth report I can perform a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA).

Did you know that 83% of personal wealth comes from home equity at retirement?

By entering the areas that you're searching in the form above, you'll receive much more than just a basic report. Homebot will automatically create a customized search portal for you, give you real time updates on market activity, and once you do buy it tracks your home value, mortgage, and equity. All helping you to make informed decisions about the largest asset that you may ever own

Additional Benefits

More than just a market update


Personalized Dashboard

You will have access to a personalized dashboard that will help you make informed home finance decisions:

When to buy?

When to refinance?

When to sell?

How's the market?

How fast are homes selling right now?


Monthly Updates

You will receive a monthly digest, customized to your market, with updates on buyer activity, inventory, historical trends, and your local real estate temperature.

Market Insight

You’ll be empowered with the intelligence you need to save money and build wealth.


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